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Palos Verdes History

Palos Verdes (excerpts from The Palos Verdes Story by Delane Morgan) There are many theories as to how the city came to be called Palos Verdes. According to W.W. Robinson, the author of Ranchos Become Cities, the name Palos Verdes originated in the Canada de los Palos Verdes, a valley shown on old maps, green with grass and willows, the valley was located between the present Sepulveda and Lomita Boulevards, east of Vermont and west of Figueroa (now intersected by the Harbor Freeway). Palos Verdes is a historic Peninsula. Many of the names on the Peninsula recall its historic past. A certain mystique always belonged to the Palos Verdes Hills, but in 1922 the community of Palos Verdes was only a dream uninhabited except from some vegetable fields and the Japanese farmers who cultivated them and people who lived on ranches with their cattle. The Rancho de los Palos Verdes, originally

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