Easy Ways to Conserve More Energy

Looking for ways to conserve energy at your home and thus lower your electric bill? Follow these tips-

1. The easiest way to conserve energy is to unplug devised when they are not in use.

2. Turn off unneeded lights, even if you’ll be back in that room in 5 minutes, that is 5 minutes of waisted electricity.

3. Change out your lightbulbs for CFL’s (Compact fluorescent light bulbuls). They use at least 75% less energy and last longer.

4. Install motion sensors on the lights in your home, particularly those outside.

5. Turn off your computer at night. It will not only extend the life of your hard drive but you can save $90 of electricity a year. Even better of an option- use a laptop instead of a desktop. Laptops draw 15 to 25 watts during regular use versus desktops that use 150 watts.

6. When shopping for new appliances, look for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star label. They may cost more but make up for it in the additional cost on energy savings.

7. If you live in a place that gets strong winters, install storm windows which can reduce temperature loss by sealing leaks.